Friday, 29 August 2014

"Wattle Day is Nearly Here>'

    So Wattle Day is nearly here, so that means the first  of Spring.

     When I was a wee one, and went to school to learn.

      We filled the room with wattle, every vase and jar  to the brim.

  We didn't get the wheezes or the sniffles or the sneezes.

    It was Education Week, we got the day to show our parents what we really did.
   They came along and smiled and patted us on the back.
 I wonder now where Mr.Morrison is, or all those other kids.

  The school room has long gone, the years have just whizzed past.
I wonder if those wattles trees still stand,must take a trip one day.

 Down memory lane, and go and have a look.


Thursday, 21 August 2014

" My Weeds."

     Now I know we have probably had this chat before.
  Well, yes I do have weeds, and also worms, but that is another story.

    Have had the pleasure of a visitor, with so much knowledge.
 I was simply blown away. Boy have I learnt something today, this knowledge I will store away for future reference.

  So wonderful was the news, I just can't keep it to myself, never one to be selfish. I will share the news with you.

   On her wander through the garden, she whispered in my ear.

   "Are you aware, there are weeds here."

  Oh! dear, Oh! silly me.
Her solution to the problem was to give them all a squirt of horrid stuff called poison.

   I said, "Nice of you to visit and showed her to the gate."

Monday, 4 August 2014

"No Pain, No Gain."

     No pain, No gain, who ever coined that ridiculus phrase.

   I tell you after a few weeks of not much in the way of garden chores being done around these parts.
  I think I've done a fetlock or pulled a hammy, are they the sporty terms. Or do I just be honest and say, "you have lost it girl, you are know longer as young as you used to be.

    Well, weeds here I come, maybe at a slower pace, but I will get up to speed again. I will conquer, I will raise my garden gloved hand in victory.

    We will be neat and trim again, no not me. The garden will be all neat and trim again.

    You just wait and see.