Thursday, 26 March 2015

"In Paper Print."

  Oh, Lordy,Lordy,  Golly Gosh.

 We really truly have done it.

 With a few clicks there and a few deletes there.

 Plus a few words not really meant for print.

 We are printed in a book.

 So when I am all tucked up in my Nursing Home.

 I hope many years from now, I will be able to say.

  Did I really live there, did I truly write all that stuff.

  Will I remember all about it, or perhaps I will not.

  But there will be a copy of "Gardenwhispering".

 For anyone to see.

Monday, 16 March 2015

"Lost Property Dept."

  "Where for art there", No it's not  Romeo I want.

  Where for art there, garden shovel, I am sure I put you back.

   Have you up and gone walk about, or done a shovel runner.

 I am sure I put you back where all good shovels live.

 But your whereabouts right now.

  Has become quite unclear to me.

 Am I losing the plot, or just my marbles. I'm sure I put you back.

 Are you hanging out with the long lost secateurs.

 Or perhaps just other stuff.

 Is there such a thing as a Garden Lost Property Dept.,

 If so, perhaps I need the whereabouts.

 So I can go and visit.



Wednesday, 11 March 2015

"A Valid Reason."

 Now really, truly, really,  is the there a valid reason, why.

 Why does it not want to rain on my garden.

  Not those little drops and dribbles I am sent.
 I want, big drenching drops, soaking in, big down pours.

 Do I need  Rain Dancers, to jump around and do their stuff.

  If that is the case, please pop by, anytime will do.

  Come clothed, half clothed or dressed in moonbeams.

  Or even sunsparkles, in other words I don't care if you are all

Stark Naked, just as long as it rains,and rains and rains.

  This garden needs a large drink.

Friday, 6 March 2015

"Nothing Days."

   Nothing Days, love them lots.
 You know the days, the ones that aren't Sat, Sun, Mon. or even a

 Thursday. Just a nothing day.

  A day to do whatever, a real nothing much is happening day.

 A don't need to use the brain day.

  Play music day, drink tea day, read books day.
 A spread manure day, a just a wander in the garden day.

  A doesn't really matter day.
 Just as long as they still happen, I will be a happy little gardener.