Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"My Friends Wren."

      My Friend has a community of wrens living in her garden, " how lucky is she," I say. They only come in passing here, never seem to want to stay.

    In the community one little Hen stands out amongst the crowd,  she doesn't even try to hide  it. She chases all the "Men".

    Any shade of Blue, she is up and after them. We wonder if she is a modern , feminist young lady, or just not wanting  to be on her own.

   We wonder if her legs are sprayed with a lovely shade of tan, if she really is a  "Cougar", and has that ageing yen. She is not shy or coy,  or playing hard to get.
   She just seems to want, all the Little Men..


"My Friends Wren."

     I have a Friend with a magical garden, the best to place to walk and unwind.

Friday, 24 January 2014


      I've just been watching the Beiber on the telly, I assure you I'm not a Belieber, I'm more a Monkees, sing  "I'm a Believer",  sort of girl. Got me thinking about that word " Addiction", I know a little bit about it, being a reformed,  Big Time Puffer, from way back.

    Well, all plants arriving here, via a Nursery are immediately. sent the Water Anon., Nobody  comes and lives here, if the think they can guzzle away everyday. Not allowed, unheard of, over indulgence, probably sure way of heading for Plant Heaven, if that is their attitude. " No toughen up, you will be fine, you may surprise yourself", I tell them. No softies here, usually works, just get the odd sook.

   Now to speak of Addiction,brings me to my " Not" so well kept secret. The need to have a Plant Fix, on a regular basis, but it is heading into the 40 degrees again, I can't be so unkind and expect and new plant to live under my rules at the moment.

 Problem solved, addiction needs met,   "Water Lily", to join the rest.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"I Said Today."

    Other Person who shares this home, tells me I talk to Myself.
Well indignant "Myself" said. "This is what I Say"

    I say, Good Morning to the girls and stud rooster, as I let them out for the day.
    I say,Oh! Beautiful, to a butterfly, I'm sure it likes the compliment. They never go astray.
    I say, Shoo Shoo and more to those pesky hawks. They just turn their heads and look away.
    I say, sorry, sorry, sorry, This is for your own good, when pruning time is here.
    I say, Hello Special Whisper dog, many times throughout the day.
    I say, Goodmorning to the new Day, thought everybody would.
   But when the footy is on the telly," I say tea is on the table. "Perhaps the Man about the House is correct.

 I am Talking to Myself.

"What's in a Name"

   I know someone else wrote, that same line a long time ago, I'm not cheating. Just thought it sounded good.

 Well, you may ask What is in a Name. I have the most fussy, prissy rose in my garden, with the name of "Imperial Tipsy Concubine", and yes I did buy her solely because of her title. Why wouldn't you, it has a slight allure about it.

  She must have been ,some sort of bonza sheila or a real top chick, to have a rose named after her all those years ago. Way back when Emperors kept concubines, maybe they still do. I'm not on first name basis with any Emperors,. to ask what they do in their spare time.

  She is temperamental, sulks when it's damp, wayward at times, has been hanging out here for ages. Only holding her place, because who could dig up and ditch a Concubine.

  But last week, 46 degree heat, she pops buds open all over the place, maybe there is the answer to her title.

 She likes things  "Hot."

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

"Creating Karma"

   Good or Bad, I have been doing it.They say what goes around comes around. Well, I had better own up to throwing stones at birds.
   We have a couple of young hawks here who insist on eyeing off all the little birds in the garden. I don't just fill bird baths and plant nice nectar feeding plants for them to come and dine on all my little visitors. So some serious action was needed, armed with sticks and stones, I pitched. while one sat on the power line. Well, he just sat, with a Ho-Hum look on his face, and moved his head to watch each missile fly past, not a flinch, not a ruffle of a feather. Just a total look of distain, or "Is that the best you can do" look. Well I did manage to scare all the honeyeaters from the area, hence saving their lives. So that is Karma being balanced out.
    A thought, now these are young juvenile Hawks, you can tell by the look they give you. You know the look, " I know it all and what would you know" ,all that sort of thing. I class rodents as bird Fast Food, now all kids like that, so why can't these youngsters just stick with the junk and leave my honeyeaters alone.
   As for more good deeds, resident Clarrie Cockatoo, is not finding the heat to his liking, so sits on the veranda, waiting for good Person Who Lives here to come and give him cooling sips of water.
   Don't you forget this kindness, Clarrie, next time you get it into your head to swoop me.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

"Fifty Shades of !!!!!

  Well I'm hot, now I've got your attention, for the moment anyway. Who has gone and turned up the heat, it has turned into true Summer weather. You know the stuff that makes you moan and groan and sweat and take as many clothes of as you dare.
    I can tell you there are Fifty Shades of Green  and Grey in the garden, add a splash of colour here and there to spice it up abit. A snake in the garden shed, so there is abit more of that,"Fifty Shades of Stuff," didn't harem dancers always sway and wiggle with a snake in tow.
   That new Young Stud Rooster has come into his own, since the old one fell of his perch, and went to Rooster Heaven.  Hangs out all day with a white lady and then, ditches her and sleeps with a black one.
   Plus it has been that season to be jolly, hence many chocolates have appeared. Fine for all those adds, with Strawberries, with that little bit of chocolate, on the end, always being devoured by some skinny piece of goods. Don't they realise that not everyone wears chocolate well. I wear it best on my hips. Not feeling so jolly now.
   So all and all, the place has really gone to the pack since someone turned up the heat.
45 degrees forecast for this week..
   Give me "Fifty Shades of Winter" anytime.