Sunday, 26 April 2015

" Rabbit Warfare"

  Yes, I still have that rabbit problem.
 They don't give a hoot, not an iota or not one tiny bit of respect.
  I think I have found the answer, I will show them who is boss.

 You are wondering how am I going to get them to vamoos.

  To leave my plants alone, to stop their endless scratching.

  They will get their little tails a quivering.

 When I show them what I've got.

 It took me awhile to find her, but she is hanging out here now.

  Yes, the meanest looking mumma rabbit .

To scare them all to bits.

 I hope she does the trick, that they have nightmares for a week.

 While she prowls around my garden.

 I hope she can give them all the flick.

Sunday, 12 April 2015


  I have been wandering, in my away from home wandering place.

 Where  all is peaceful and really, really nice.

 Where I can paint masterpieces in my head,

 Weave stories, in my mind, truth and also fiction.

 To be forgotten, when I leave that wandering place of mine.

 I wander with a little bit of company, that's is all I really need.

 They are called, Solitude and Quiet. I enjoy them quite alot.

 They are always there to come wandering with me.

 To that wandering place of mine.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

"Worm Worries."

  Other Person Who Lives Here, has a worm farm.

No, he isn't really the gardener, worm wee liker person.

He is a person of ideas of catching a fish, type of person.

Rare occurrence, but a trier of the fishing catching skills.

 I seem to have become the carer, feeder, looker afterer.

 In other words, I'm getting a little attached to the worms.

So now the dilemma of what happens when there is one of those

sort of trips planned.

 Do I stand there, arms folded in front of the worm farm.

Protecting the little  wrigglers, or do I relent.

Let them go to their certain death, so someone can relax and have

 some much needed time out.

Another gardening dilemma.