Monday, 31 March 2014

"Who is in Charge."

    Now come on,  I am a wee bit over this. Mr.or Ms. Weather person or whoever is calling the shots.
  It really is just past a joke and far to jolly hot. My poor garden is fairing better than me, but that is not that hard to do, when it is so jolly hot.
 The earth is so cracked and parched, I'm starting to worry that I may fall through one of those cavenous cracks.

 Will I be like Alice,when she went down that deep hole, I don't really wish to meet up with Cranky Queens, who yell, "Off with their heads", white rabbits, no enough rabbits here already.

  Tweedle Dee and his other half, Dum, Mad hatters and all that lot.

Look in the Looking Glass and all I see, is a cranky, over heated Gardener, please whoever is in charge of the weather.

  Tea Party anyone,

  Some cool stuff please, with a dash of rain on the side.

"The Naming Game."

     Have you ever wondered, where all these rose names come from, what or who inspired all those names.

   What were all these women like,that Alistair Clarkson  named  roses  after. They must have been a wee bit special.

    Then there are those ones, you know "Rembember Me", the one you plant for that someone who is or was a bit Special.

   Or do you plant, "First Love", well because you just do and when it blooms all blushing pink, do you go all gooey and dewy eyed. Thinking, How Special.

 Do you plant ones with French names or you are right into Shakespeare, so you buy all David Austins stuff.

 Or do you just plant because, you can and have no control, when that catalogue arrives in the mail.

Friday, 28 March 2014

"New Garden Ornaments."

   I can hear you saying, "What now, has she got herself a new buddha or a gnome with his rear  exposed for all the world to see."

   No, I can assure you, this garden will never have a place for a gnome with his rear exposed, even discreetely positioned amongst the shrubbery, not my thing.


   Two young pekin batams, they are so pretty and cute and innocent looking. Of course they would be innocent looking, no floosy chooks hang out here.

  Now the " Up and Coming Young Stud Rooster", no perhaps I had better change that to "Has Come of Age Rooster", is looking all delighted, has an extra crow,  in his voice, extra spring in his step. Well, you know how it is with young Males .

   The new young girls are looking all demure and coy as they scratch and peck, while showing their plummage off.

  I've decided they don't need to meet, "Has Come of Age Rooster"  yet, he can just yearn and wonder and wait. 

 It is called playing, Hard to Get.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

" Time to Hum."

       What a difference a day or two makes, you know I feel like I'm alive again. The weather has got cooler, Oh! happy me.

      Wander in the garden, break into a hum, little bit of Lennon.

    "Imagine,  a weed free garden. it is easy if you try.
      Imagine all those people,  weeding."

   Yes, you  know the tune, all join in, plants grow better with music.

  Memories, yes, I  go way back to Beatles time, yes way back, when my hem lines, were closer to my navel ,than my knees.

  When the summer arrives again, maybe I will be able to hum a little bit of the gorgeous George, after he went all mahatma.

    " My sweet corn, Krishna,Krishna, My sweet corn.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

"Pixel Problems."

       I like taking snaps of my blooming buds and lots of things I plant. Well you know, somethings choose to go to plant heaven, and at least you have the memory,  of how it could have been.

  I'm just not so clever with the new fandangled camera stuff, you know the ones. The ones you stick on your laptop, the ones you put away, in handy little files. All with dates and name tags, all at your fingertip at the click of a mouse.

   Oh! silly me, where have they gone, they were there the other day.

   I didn't grow up with things like, click  "defragment now " or "Sidebar", I just thought that was a place where I used to hangout and drink, when I was young and silly.

    So much to learn and try and retain.

   Where is my old Box Brownie, maybe it is with the shoe-box full of prints , with the curly edges and the missing negatives.

  But at least they haven't vanished into that place they call, Cyber Space.

Monday, 17 March 2014

A Little bit of Leaf Listening."

  I really wish that trees could talk, I would love to hear their stories.
   But then again they probably can, when you really think about it.
I wonder what the She-Oaks are all whispering about, when the wind blows through their branches.
   The Poplar trees, when the breeze ruffles their leaves are all a lot of chatter.
  . The boughs creak and groan, when the wind blows hard and strong, or is it just that they are getting old and arthritis has set in.
   Do they  reproach a Wood-Pecker when he pecks to hard, or tell a Tree-Creeper to creep a little slower. Do they worry when it is lopping time, or say this will make us flourish.

   Even if I can't join in, I'd be happy to just sit back and listen to their natter.

Sunday, 16 March 2014


    Visitors,  "How nice you say", well, Yes and then, Maybe,No. 

    Nice people, visiting from afar, one of those far away places, where unusual stuff happens. Things like regular rainfall, nice summers, with nicer  temperatures than we endure here.

   Yes,they  wandered around the plot, looking here, and looking there. One said, the garden is very big,  I think I probably  was  aware that it is a little bit bigger than your normal size.
 I could handle that.
   Then No. 2 visitor said, "It is so very dry, did you know that?"
 Oh! silly me how could I have not known that.
 Hasn't rained in months, but I do know now. That it is "Dry."

    I placed my Buddha face on, all serene and calm and nice.

 Wandered with the visitors, until they came upon the gate and wandered out of sight.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

"My Beautiful Belladonnas."

    Have been thinking, Yes, do that sometimes, when the mind is not daydreaming  out there in La-La land.  Nice place to be, but have been thinking about all those intrepid, plant hunting men. Thoses ones who climbed the mountains of China and wandered into the Amazon Jungles.

   Why would you return and give the title of "Hathor" to a beautiful bulb. Sounds like Russell Crowe in his Gladiator gear, or a Viking, sailing the seas to rape and pillage. Why not just good old  "Belladonna."

     Then No, that wasn't enough was it, they came home and got all common and renamed them "Naked Ladies".

     I wonder who named tulipa x hybrida,  " Honeymoon"  and   "Queen of the Night."

"Sky Moments".

      I've had one of my more memoriable "Sky" moments, no not the Chicken Little, Henny Penny, here it comes it's falling moments.

      One of those, stand still,  "Look at me moments."  Yes I know the sky is there everyday, a very handy backdrop for the garden, something for rain to fall out of, somewhere for clouds to hang out.
       All colours, not just your basic blue, red orange, pink, grey, pretty smart those sky artists, when they start createing.

      I'm a bit of a gray sky girl, with all those billowing, rolling storm clouds, throw in a bit of light and sound and I'm a happy little sky watcher.

    Lay on the earth sometimes and see what the Sky Artists are painting that day. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

"A Gardeners Selfie."

       I'm told that "Selfies", are the  "In" thing to do.

       I go happy snapping, at my pots, pansies and the like.

       But when it comes to "Selfies", I'm not to sure about that, I was still behind the door, when the good things were handed out.

      To choose a real good "Selfie", is really hard to do.

      I will keep my boobs well hidden, and won't turn this way and that.  Perhaps, I will just close my eyes,  and     -"Snap."



Friday, 7 March 2014

"Problems of the Poultry Kind."

    I read with interest, other Blog sites, mainly about Lifestyle things, you know what I mean, the state of the cabbage patch, how to make  home made brews, of this and that, I have learnt so much. But I have a problem now.

  " Problem,"  two Hens from Hen Harem, have up and gone to live in Poultry Paradise. No I can't blame the amorous eye of Up and Coming Young Stud Rooster, they were Original Harem Girls, really quite. quite old. Now need to buy some more.
   Now Poultry Selling Person here, tells me, they went to Poultry Paradise, cos they were to fat and couldn't stand the heat.

    I don't think my girls are obese, just plump and quite rotund, I will still allow them, to free range eating everything in sight.

     I won't doctor up their photos and make them look all thin. I will leave them,  look all plump and nice.

   And watch the Rooster grin.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

"Stupid Here."

      It is really, really stupid Person here, someone not over Bright.
Really, really Stupid Person here,left the hose on over night.

     Now the garden, is all awash, with not a duck in sight.
     Other Person who shares this house, will shake his head and sigh.

      When I start my day, by planting rice and tell him, that it is

really,  rather healthy and extra, extra nice.

Monday, 3 March 2014

"Problem, of a Feathered Kind".


      We have a small problem here, Yes,only small and covered in feathers, but a bit

of a bother. That Up and Coming Young Stud Rooster, has turned quite evil, since he 

gained his title of No.
One Honcho round here, after Old Top Honcho met his demise,

has turned all galant and Knights of Old stuff,  out there

protecting his women. But I am sick of being attacked, all feet first and 

feathers flying, I'm sure he has been watching to much Kung Fu Panda.

   So he has had the riot act read to him, there is a sign not far from his house, that says it all.

Well I know he may not be able to read or write, but the situation has to be explained  

             " In this place we live in peace and harmony, get the picture, alright."

Saturday, 1 March 2014

"Happy, Happy, Happy."

       If you are Happy and you know it clap your hands. Whoohoo, I'm a happy little clapper.
        Autumn has arrived and winter is on the way, not many more blasts of hot stuff to come for awhile.
      I know their are odd people out there, who consider being poached, baked and frizzled by the sun a wonderful day. I haven't really worked out your reasoning yet, but it takes many to make a world.

     But now the days are getting shorter, there is a hint of dew early in the day. Yes, I'm still clapping.

     When you wander first thing in the day and your shadow is long and model thin. That is when you can really clap.

     When just perhaps you really are super, duper sexy, and super, super slim.