Friday, 25 April 2014

"In Training and the benefits."

   I am in training, now this is no laughing matter. Travelling partner friend, said "We are all booked", Oh, I thought, yes I can hear Borneo calling me back again.

   No,  not the delights of Borneo again, "Marathon", she says, "Run the Gap". Now, hello, run, I really do think it will be a walk, with a few quick steps, chucked in every now and again.
    Why would you want to run all the way, think of all that good scenery you would miss, if you quick stepped it all the way.   Why would you want to run past all the people, huffing and puffing and out of breath. Not being friendly if you are short of breath and can't say, hello and pass the time of day.

  Now that brings me to the reason why I need to be in training, you know how I love Autumn. When the quince trees are all laden with those golden baubles, that end up cooked and in my plate.

   Yoghurt is good with them, ice-cream, not to bad, but lashings of cream is just the treat.

   So bring on the training, while  I eat my plate full of quince, with a litttle bit of cream, or is it the other way, cream with a little bit of quince.

   While, I'm in training, I can eat twice as much.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"Sexism in the Garden."

      Now I have been known to greet my roses, with a bit of a wolf whistle and a "Boy,  you're looking the goods today."   Is it not wrong to show your apprieciation,  to something that looks pretty alright.

   But I'm told it is just not the thing do these days, to single out the girls from the boys, Germaine Greer and all that stuff, equality of the sexes.

   Well, if that is the case, I'll have to start looking for more unisex names for my roses. Can't be classed as not with it and up with the times. Maybe I'll go with a Jo or a Peta or anything else that will not discriminate.

   But no, I'll just be happy with whatever.

    So rose breeders I'm on the look out for a Gazza, or a Bazza, maybe a George or a Bryan. Something  I can say, "Boy, aren't you just the cutest darn thing I've seen today."

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


   Letting you in on a little secret, tell no-one, Ok.
This morning after my "seriously standing still ritual, was complete.

 Lo and behold I cut a few moves in the garden, broke into a dance, did a twirl or two.
 Well, Spoilt Black Dog who lives here, watched on, rolled his eyes and walked away.
  I did so want to stay there and enjoy the perfect day. Wandering in my garden and taking in the day.
  But alas I know what would happen, to spoil my peaceful day.

  The phone would ring, the boss would say,

     "Where are you today."

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"Seriously Standing Still."

    I'm not going to blow my own trumpet, well just a little bit. I am really good, at "Seriously Standing Still',
   I highly recommend it, good as a daily practice of yoga, I don,t bend as well as I used to, well whatever.

 I just like standing still.

  This is what you do, don't worry about the wasteing time bit, just stand still. Not to hard is it.

  Now shut your eyes and listen, "Ah yes", I hear you say, "I can hear magpies caroling "Glorious day, glorious day", a bee buzzing, a cricket, cricketing or whatever crickets do.

  Now breathe in, "Ah yes", the smell of lemon scented gums wafting in the air, rain on warm earth, roses nearby.

  Now open your eyes, your eyes, now will really, really see what is around you.

  Now, go and find something to touch.

   Daily practice, not hard to do. Benefits," wonderful".


Thursday, 10 April 2014

" A Found Moment."

     I have had a "Found" moment this week. No not one of those,
   I have finally found my "tea cups"  in the wilderness moments.

Remember,  only allowed to misplace two cups, then it is no more brewing happening till they  return to the kitchen. That is a serious moment in my life, when that happens.

    No ,while on the morning stroll I found  a beautiful white flower, peeping out amongst the shrubbery. I don't recall planting the beauty, but I am well rewarded for my vagueness.

  Don't you just love it, when nature does her thing, doesn't matter if you are vague and forgetful and you can't quite recall, ever, ever planting those bulbs.

   Who cares I just enjoy, what Mother Nature throws my way, she will recall, what goes where, even if I am vague and can't remember a thing.