Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"Through Different Eyes."

     Nanna crawled on bended knees up the garden path.

     No, she hadn't lost the plot or upset her batch of marbles.

     Thought she just might have a look at things, from a very different angle. Cos when you are quite small, everything looks, really big, and really,  quite humungus.

     She spied all the things you miss, when you are all grown up and tall.

     She saw a lizard drinking, flat out and hardly even blinking. A snail was having 40 winks, before he started on his journey.
There were, fallen leaves and bugs and grubs,and many things to . miss, if you weren't on bended knee and around the age of Six.

   So Nanna now understands, why she was asked, by Master Six.

   "Are there any wild pigs, beyond the garden path."




Sunday, 23 February 2014

"New Dwellings."

      I came across a birds nest,  and marvelled at the work that had gone into the making of that home.

     We think we are so clever being human,  but truly ruley, we couldn't do what that little bird achieved.

      No Union Rep. on site, saying  "down tools today", no O.H.& S. to say,  "to close to the ground, needs more height". No Red-tape and nonsense to give yourself lots of grief.

      Just lots of bits and pieces,  woven all together, to make a little home, that is snug and warm and does the job.

  Without all the rules and regulations, attached to building us a home.



Friday, 21 February 2014

"Rethink Your Day".

      "Nobody loves me, everybody Hates me. I"ll just go and eat worms." Or so the song goes.
     I know I have days like that, get out of bed, and you feel like, " Look out worms,  here I come."
   Been having a few of those days lately, not worms,couldn't do that to my worms
   You know those days when the world seems a bit crook, and you really can't see past yourself. Yes I know it can be quite self-satisfying sometimes.

    So today on my wanderings, a had three magpies, sing in harmony to me. I"m sure the chorus was "Glorious Day, Glorious Day."

    My She-oaks all whispered with the wind, their secrets.They didn't share their secrets, but I'm sure they would have if I only could understand She-Oak whisperings.

    A Willy Wag Tail, did an Irish Jig for me, well perhaps he may not have been Irish. But he was really good at what he did.

    I now do feel much brighter, and should smile throughout the day, What right have I got to be gloomy on, this,
            Glorious, Sunny Day.




Wednesday, 12 February 2014

"Whether I'm Happy with the Weather.'


     It is simply to hot and to horrid, I'm totally over the weather.

     Does it never know when to cool down and be pleasant and nice again.

    Today on my wander I find the Rue bush is no more, all shrivelled and dry and not happy.

   Now what do I do, the Rues one main factor, is to keep witches away. So now what. Will I be inundated with all things witches and wizards and broomsticks.
  Now just maybe, if I join the ranks and dust off my broom, I can conjure up some good weather. Nice fog and some mist and a good dollop   of rain.

   Oh! How I wish it was that simple, I'd roll out the cauldron today. With a frog and a toad, and a few stirs of the brew.

  I'd would do my very, very best to bring on that much longed for "Rain".


Wednesday, 5 February 2014


     Beauty, yes all in the eyes of the beholder, they say.

     Today I have been so lucky to see something of exceptional beauty. What you may ask,would make me so happy.

    No, I haven't seen Brad Pitt, loungeing,  on my dam bank, nor have I had the pleasure of of watching,one disgraced footballer, who I find quite pleasing to eye, wandering in my vegie patch.
    I can hear my children groan and cringe, but last time I checked I wasn't quite dead yet. So while I live and breathe, I will still appreciate, all that is pleasing to the eye, that may just happen to pass me by.

    While I wandered in the garden, at a very early hour, settled on a lily-pad, was the most exquisite dragonfly, of the most irridesent blue. 

 Now that is what I call "Beauty", in its very natural form.

   That is when  a camera, would be more useful in the hand, than a cup of tea.

Eight Acres: Farm update - February 2014

Eight Acres: Farm update - February 2014