Saturday, 31 August 2013

Footnote to a "W" Day.

Have just wandered to the dam in the evening light, past trees, with birds finding safe spots for the night. Watched the sun set, watched the reflections on the water. Listened to the frogs,start their singing for the night. Stood very, very still. Stayed in the " moment", that special time of just being. Experiencing the very best "W", for the day.    "Wonderment".

Friday, 30 August 2013

A Day of "W's".

"W." Days are not a Wednesday,nor is it a Week Day, it is a Weekend Day.
    A day  for Wandering, a day of not watch,  watching, a day for weeding. A day for What ever you Want to do Day.
     So far on my wandering, I've managed to have a dragon lizard, scuttle away, while I  was busy Weeding. I'm sure, he had a smirk on his face and giggled "Got You" as he Went on his Way.
    So many Wattles are out at the moment, all Wanting to do their thing at the same time. I was hoping on abit of continuality, but they have other ideas after all the Wet stuff  we have had, no Waiting all out. What a  Welcome site.
   Tomorrow is a "M" Day, no not Monday. It has to be a day for Mowing, Mowing, Mowing and More Magical Meanders.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

"Creature of Habit and All that is Normal."

Realized today, just how much I do out of habit, Yes I've already addressed the pulling up the blind thing, and Welcoming the new Day, doesn't everyone  greet each new day, I would have thought that is normal.
 Brew tea, green first, don one gardening glove, collect  Black Dog,  wander towards back of garden, detouring, to let girls and new young Stud rooster out of chook house. The Old one literally fell of the perch, so he has been replaced, by much younger version, girls still bossing him around. I have  warned them, Spring is in the air, and New Young Stud is growing up.
  Why one glove you may wonder, I'm really not sure Why, maybe it is a Michael Jackson thing, I know if I back up to a patch of nettles, I can cut the dance moves fairly snappily. Perhaps one glove denotes the fact, I can't get to serious about it, because that thing they call employment is only about and hour away.
  After, a bit of weed pulling it is back for a black cup of tea, always in that order. Well the back garden is all natives, the front part more "refined" more fluffier stuff. A need for a china cup and black tea, without the little finger sticking out, it is still encased in its glove.
  I don't hang Other Person Who Shares this house, clothes on the line with only blue pegs, and mine with pink, I may turn my teapot around 3 times before pouring, I do cringe and say sorry when I have to dispose of a snail. I do plant many plants, I recall growing as  happy memories, as a child.
 I suppose it is all just normal, I have been told, normal people would not keep making more garden beds or plant more plants.  Maybe then I'm not that "Normal"

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Early Start to the Day.

Awake, my New Holland Honeyeater Alarm, has not arrived yet to start his early morning wake-up call. Every morning without fail, he will arrive outside the bedroom window, and start my day  with his song He, we will say he is a he, with a chirp, chirp then he becomes creative and adds a twirl to his next chirp and he repeats the process over and over. It is a bit of pre-dawn awakening, because now that spring is arriving  not long after he will be joined by a black bird, who sits in the weeping mulberry. Who always faces East as the sun comes up and sings the most melodious tune.
 I know of people who complain about the poor little blackbirds, who scratch incessantly disturbing their newly planted seedlings, spreading mulch all over pristine paths, making their lives a misery. I will keep enjoying their lovely sound morning and evening, with only one tiny misgiving, if I start the tune "Black Bird Singing in the Dead of Night" singing in my head it has a habit of staying there, round and round like a record for some time.
He has arrived in full voice, must be time for my mandatory barrow full of weeding, before work, watch the new day arrive and enjoy. Are there other odd souls out there, who open their blinds and mentally acknowledge the new day with a "Good Morning" I'm Happy to be Here to Enjoy You.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Now Why Do I Do It.

In one of my thinking moments, they happen on an odd occasion, I pondered the question why do I garden.

Well, why not, instant answer to the question. But a bit of a Danoz Direct answer, of course and there is more.
1.Who else is going to keep Nursery owners out of the poor house and earning a $ or two.
2. Plant Catalogues, well the Postie has work, the Stamp makers and sellers  have work, more good deeds by a gardener, keeping unemployment down.
3. It's a chance to hide, family won't come near you, in case they are asked to cart, carry,pick, pod.
4. Get out and away from the ironing, dishes, mending. Still haven't worked out how to have it all not there when I return indoors. More thinking needed on that matter.
5. Exercise, I don't mean all the digging, walking to and fro etc. I mean, when your garden just looks just so darn good, it makes you want to dance. What's the saying,  " Dance as if  no-one is looking", who cares if they are looking.
6.There is also that garden sign "Sing like no-one is listening. How do you know, there isn't a talent scout, just passing your garden gate. Sing, yodel, hum, plants grow so much better.
7. Endless reasons to garden, but beware it can become addictive.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Weeds, with a capital W.

Having a very big Oh: Dear moment, in a very few weeks the garden is to be all spic and span for a "Do", to be held here. When you add lots of extra rain, no days at home, doing the maths, I thought a barrow full of weeds a day, would make the deadline. Maths was never my strong point, Maybe keeping up with the weeding is another not so strong point.
Have brewed that much, nettle tea from all the weedings, the plants will think I've been talking to the Essendon Football Club and they will be on boost juice forever.
No rain today, a first for awhile, never thought I would be pleased to say Oh, it has stopped, maybe I can mow. We will go and head that way now, with no distractions on the way," perhaps."