Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"That Word Beginning With "S"."

   Not snail, nor slug, not even sand-flys. But that dreaded word "Summer", it is nearly here, my most, not liked, most unwelcomed Season, never is it ever heralded in, in good Grace.
   I was  a slow starter in the Sand, Sun, and Beach Babe Thing, perhaps, not quite factual, real truth I never got started.
 Who wants to sit back and watch their garden, sizzle and wilt, and sometimes much worse. How can you enjoy digging and raking and pushing the barrow back and forth. When the  Weather Man says,  "Wonderful, beach day forecast, for today,  will probably be swimming weather all week."
  Does he ever Forecast, "Good Gardening Weather, enjoy your Day amongst your petunias".
  So while I hide inside and peruse Garden Books, with lush greenery and flowing waterways, dream hard, enough that a white Christmas just might happen. That when I turn the calender it will be Autumn next.
 Wondering why I live where it heads up over 40 degrees plus regularly. Where drops of moisture very rarely leave the sky.
  Look out the window, all is growing and happy, not wilting and sad, only the " Gardener Who Lives Here" looks Wilted and Sad.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

"Message to Elmer."

    I . have done it this year, I've pipped that Wascaly Rabbit at the post. Eat your heart out Elmer Phud. Last year I came second, which really meant I came last.
    Last year I waited and watched, waited and watched some more.  For the long awaited and anticipated flowering of my "Chocolate Lily",  But alas the Rabbit got there first.
    You remember the Chocolate Lily with its loverly smell, they flowered in the scrub, the flowered on the roadsides on the walk to school, they flowered in the paddocks.
     You remember when, back when, we could find frogs eggs and tadpoles in water filled drains and dams, when mushrooms popped up everywhere. . When yabbies were plentiful. Back when I could wander up , up and over the hill, only one hill mind you. I was never a very brave or bold child. Two hills would have meant, I'd have probably gone to China or somwhere far, far away. May not have made it home in time for tea.
   Back when Chemical Companies didn't rule the world, spoilt it all they have.
   Back to the flowering of the " Chocolate Lily," I fenced and protected and guarded with my life. Some may say, I haven't got a life. But I'm sure Elmer would have been proud of me, to beat that "Wascal of a Wabbit", and enjoy the flowering of my "Chocolate Lily".

Thursday, 7 November 2013

"Visiting Heaven."

    I have been visiting the " Realm of Gardens, in High Places", those lovely gardens, shrouded in mist, sitting up amongst the clouds. Gardens in the Dandenongs, well it is closer to Heaven, than the Wimmera Plains.
    I have wondered why I live in a flat dry area, when I yearn to hide in the hills, walk in the mist, grow things I wouldn't dream of planting here. Stop your winge woman and just be greatful, you have space around you and today there is a bit  of moisture falling from the sky.
   While I was visiting Heaven, I came across a Nursery-Cafe, Open Garden, "CloudHill" at Olinda. ...
    Oh, to sit and wander in magic, beautiful, imagination plus,  in the more formal areas, and on you wander and down in the Gully. Lyre Birds dancing. Told you I had visited " Heaven".
    Then the more "Decandant" Area, Cafe on the hill, ask nice smiley Waitress for " pot of tea and something totaly wicked," she does not disappoint, "Chocolate, almond and date Torte, with a little bit of whipped cream and strawberries on the side. " Hell" for the hips, "Heaven"  for the taste buds.
     One day I will visit again, not for the sight of Lycra clad bike riding men, with sinewy muscles ,lean and fit. Totally in Aw of these bikers, not because of the physique, but the fact,  they can still converse with each other while pedaling "Up" the Mountain.
     Magic, scenery, magic gardens and the food is not to bad either.