Sunday, 29 November 2015

"Dust, Dirty, Dusty Dust."

 I'm not a happy camper, I cleaned my house today.

In fact I'm really, really quite angry.

If I wasn't such a lady, I would say it  another way.

Don't tell me you like Summer, I have my broom in hand.

Well, it only starts tomorrow and I'm over it right now.

Anyone who says they like it, may get a jolly good beating.

This old witch, just doesn't ride who broom.

She could give you quite a clout.

The dust may clean out, with a good sweep and mop.

But my poor old mop-top tree, has been snapped off.

So don't tell me you like the summer, the wind and all the dust.

This Old Witch, is feeling evil, so just watch your step.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Re - Unions"

 School reunion, long time since I started, long time since I left.

 It was nice to have a catch-up, to laugh and have a chat.

 To compare just how we used to look.

 Then wonder where all the years went.

Why didn't we keep in touch.

As I wander round my garden, it's like a little catch-up.

Without the little chat.

There are plants here and there, that came by way of cuttings.

 So there is a little pot of Gracie, a rose from Marg.

Also the bits I've borrowed, also the bits I pinched.

There are trees that came as thank-yous'.

Gifts in rememberance.

My garden is a catch-up  every single day.