Tuesday, 30 December 2014

"Cinderella are you Listening."

  Yes, big call out to all you would-be, wanna-be Princesses.
 I have a Prince in my garden, Yep a real dinky-di Prince.

 He is just the cutest, a real handsome dude.

  Definitely, a swoon for Prince, well what other sort are there.

  Did I give him a pash, well, no, not even a small peck.

  No, not even that. Did he have a glass slipper, no not even that.

  I don't think he needs transforming, he is just so cute like he is.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

"Ho Ho, Oh! No."

    I was,  Oh so, really ready, all set for Christmas Day.

  Then I felt something was not quite right .

  The presents were all wrapped in all their Christmas bling.

   But when I looked,  there was something just not right.

  There was a parcel missing, nowhere to be seen.

  Inside that pretty paper, all wrapped up for the day.

  Was a stick of hot Salami, one brothers favourite fare.

  Nowhere to be found.Then I spied a guilty face,

 Someone had left the door ajar, in walked one big black dog.

 He has munched his way through the whole darn lot.

 Leaving no clues to where he had been.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

"Tis the Season to be Jolly."

   Yes that time of year again, that time to be "Jolly".

  Well, Yes I am jolly sick of the rabbits.

 Plus, I am jolly well over the no rain for the garden.

 Yes, tis the the time to be "Jolly".

  And Yes, I am that.

 So jolly well pleased, I live where I do.

  Even more jolly about the life I have.

  The scales will tell me after christmas,how much I jolly well ate.

  But I  am so jolly well pleased with my lot.

  I wish everyone a jolly Merry Christmas and a jolly New Year.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

"Jugged Hare Recipe Needed."

  Could I be so bold, to type a heading Hare Happenings.

  Yes we have Hares, all long legged, buck teethed hares.

  Agapanthus picking Hares.
 I perhaps wouldn't mind, if they filled vases at Hare House with

 them. Or decked the Halls at Hare Manor, But no, just pick and

plonk them where they wish, Hares we have here.

 I am now searching for a "Jugged Hare" recipe, not sure if I will

 indulge in it, any threat is worth a try.

 Tonights Menu may read, " What do you want for tea."

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

"Little bit over it ."

  What has happened to all the rabbits in the world.

  Why have they all decided to become Urban, all want to become

Townies. They all want to live in our Street.

 They seem to think they have the right to dine on my daylilies,

 gorge on my grevillias, just gormandise and munch on the lot.

Just get it right Rabbits, town rabbits, live in hutches, that's what
they are for. You are only allowed in town, to be squeezed and

mauled by cute kids.

  Back to the bush, get to your burrows and get out of my sight.

Friday, 5 December 2014


   I an practising being an Old-er Person today, you know how they

  are really good at looking back. .Thought I would try it out.


  Remembering the vegie patches, the fruit trees, all those figs, that

became yummy jam. Roses, camelias, the walnut tree with the

swing. Many memories, of idling days away in the grandparents


Will my Special kids, do the same one day. Will they recall the

crocodile, who dwells in the dam.

Will the young fellow, who told me to keep up, "it's a maze here, Nanna".  Will he remember that.

 Will they remember picking peas, eating carrots they have dug.

 I so hope they remember, lots of things of the garden here.

That will make the place, a really Special Place.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


   Just so smart, you would not have thought me so bright.

 What now, you may think. Well, I know it is summer.

  Brownie points to me, clever, extra smart, you may say.

  Or maybe, you just may not.

  It is Summer, how bright is that. No I worked it out all by myself.

 Didn't cheat, nobody told me, didn't check the calendar.

 Top of the class today. Get on with I hear you sigh.

  Just how did you become so smart.

  The Agapanthas, are just starting to show their mauve magic.

  All will pop out soon, that's how I know it is summer.

  Must be nearly christmas, how does she know that you ask.

 My wallet, is a whole lot lighter, that is how I know that.