Saturday, 31 May 2014

" In Need of."

      Where do I advertise for a "wanted- Fairy of Picking-up, Putting Back, capabilities.

    You know the ones, you don't find them in the

 Trading Post, nobody would be silly enough to trade them in.

  How come "Other Person Who Lives Here, can leave things where ever, with the thought that when required again, he will remember. Now please, I bet he can't recall what he ate yesterday.

  Now that Spoilt Dog who Lives Here, as joined in, well he is a male.

  Large hole dug, maybe short-cut to China was on his mind, maybe the thought of extra large bone for dinner. Now large crater, needs to be filled in by apparently not, Spoilt Black Dog Who Lives Here, must be my job.

  If you have a spare Fairy out there, will pay good wages for hire or even borrow short term.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

"Crowd Pleaser."

    You remember back when you had pimples, worried about not being smart, clever, good enough, pretty enough all that irrelevant nonsense. Well yes, I know it was relevant, way back then.
  Remember those girls, you know the ones, the ones with long hair, that went swish, swish, when they walked and even longer legs. All those pimply faced boys, all went goggled eyed and gooed.

  You, were that invisible person, well you know you were standing there too. Well you thought you were, but no one seemed to notice.

 Well, I have a rose like that, minus the swishy hair, she just stands out. Nobody gets a look in when she pops her buds and wafts her perfume across the garden.

   "Lorraine Lea", you are a crowd pleaser.

Saturday, 17 May 2014


     I have been walking in my away from home Walking Space, and a very nice space it is.
    All birds, bugs, beetles, trees of all shapes and sizes, some old some small.
    Now the problem starts, when I get home, do I write all sensible and nice or do I write all airy fairy stuff.

   You know, all sacred spaces, wee small fairy folk, enchanted tree stuff. Oh! how the imagination runs wild..

   Enid Blyton, May Gibbs, you have much to answer for. Enchanted trees, gum-nut babies and more and more and more.

  We will make the effort and decide,  maybe a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

"Oh! Wow."

     You know when you have those "Oh! Wow", moments. Had one of those today.

  No, not one of those when I see the  Other Person Who Shares this Place moment, that is more of a uhmm, not looking to bad moment.

  No I haven't come across Rod Stewart, singing in the veggie patch, that would a Wow moment of a different variety.

   No the carrots haven't  grown extra large or the  new young girls, that Young Stud Rooster is eyeing off, no they haven't started to lay eggs yet. So, no Wow there.

   No it was one of those Moments, you know  when you first venture out in the morning, the sun is just coming up,  everything is bathed in pink, the garden looks just the bees knees, all you can say or think is "Wow".

   That to me is a real big Wow Moment.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

"A Want has Been Granted."

    Well, yes it has happened, we have had rain, that lovely stuff that falls from above, hear it on the roof rain, watch it run down the window pane rain, walk in and get wet rain.

  That last bit was a bit of a sore point with, Spoilt Black Dog who Lives here, more sense to stay on his bed and sleep sort of rain to him.. But I took charge, for a change, we walked till we were wet and watched the garden get happier and happier,

   Then it was cup of tea time, dry off time, all I was missing was a kettle that whistled on a wood stove, a clock with a  tick, tocking, sound in the background.
   These modern things just don't quite do it, a digital clockface has no character, the on-off click of an electric kettle, not quite right. either.

    Pity there wasn't the aroma of hot scones to add to my dream, but then you can't do everything.

   The walk was wonderful.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

"Autumn Angels."

      Everyone knows  how much I love Autumn, when all those lovely leaves turn wonderous colours, and the weather is worth getting outside for, not horrid and hot anymore.

   I have a thing about leaves, just love to shuffle my boots through them , give them abit of a nudge up into the air and watch them fall.
  Now I saw some little kids making Autumn Angels, you know when you lay down amongst the leaves and move your arms back and forth. Then when you stand up, their is the shape of an angel, where you were laying.

   Have been thinking,   sometimes not a good thing for me to do.  Well you know how, we tia-chi in parks, walk dogs in parks, wear lyra and huff and puff in parks.

   Would this autumn leaf loving Nanna, get herself locked up, if she went about enjoying herself,  leaving " Autumn Angels"  in her wake.