Monday, 21 July 2014

"Langtry Wisdom."

    Through the mist and fog today, my garden spoke to me.

    We know you have been worried about the world out there, the horrid things that happen, that make others very scared.

   One day maybe the people will wake up, and treat each other with respect.

   Until that day does appear, when all out there decide, we are all the same, not different.

  Then the world will be like here, all full of peace and nice.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

"Danger and Hot Air."

     I hadn't realized until today, how treacherous  gardening is.

   After my initial, ouch,ooh, Oh. gosh. I new I was in a bit of bother.

  No, not from a ten inch rose thorn, not a prickly nettle, nor any creepy crawly I had just disturbed.
   I was in dire straits, when I was in mid-bend position. I'm sure my gizard moved aside, as my ribs went, Ooh, Ouch, a few times.

   My bra under-wire, had gone snap, ping, poke right, between a couple of ribs. Takes a bit of searching to find my ribs, these days.

   I'm not sure what  the moral of this story is. My one concern was, after the puncturing episode, maybe it was relief.
   Relief that I did not fly off over the garden, like a balloon, as the air is released.

    Or I would have considered that Other Person who Lives here is right. That I am all hot air and nonsense.



Tuesday, 1 July 2014

"New Eyes."

     My goodness, golly, gosh, the garden is not  really right.

     All wet, weedy and rather overgrown, I don't need any garden
visitors. To wander to and fro, tut, tutting as they go.

   I would hang my head in shame, how have I ever let it get this way.

   But some callers did come calling and wandered to and fro.

  They saw the place through their eyes, when the fairies winked at them, from behind every single bush, and on top of every stone.

 A crocodile, cruised around the dam, watching for a feed. He loves to dine on little kids or so this Nanna says. These little kids keep their distance, eyeing him from afar.

   To see my garden, full of magic, talking trees, as so much more.

   Does it really, really matter, if the weeds, grow ten foot tall.

     My fairies are all friendly, they are there for all to see. You just have to take the time to look.

      I am quite sure you will really see.