Wednesday, 25 June 2014

"Warrant Not Required."

     No, Texas Rangers needed, Wanted Posters are all gone. No longer is he on the hit list. Chooksense does prevail, in this here, little town.

   You should see that little rooster, that "Up and Coming Young Stud."  He is out there, Shaking Tail Feathers, strutting here and everywhere. His Ego, is right out there Well, he is a male, we know.

    I'm happy that he is staying, and so are all his girls. But if he eyes my ankles off, or picks me one more time.

 There is something called a crockpot, that he doesn't know about.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


     Oh!, happy,  gleeful me. You know that skip through the daisies, tra-la-la-la feeling,  all happy and free.

   Yes Oh! Yes, more fog, more mist, I'm as happy as can be.

  Walked,  my wonderful peaceful place today, not another soul in sight. That is how it has to be.

  No sharing, just me and me and me. All that peaceful quiet time, all to my selfish self.  I love it heaps, I love it lots.

  All trees and space and nature, all peaceful quiet and nice.

  Then I feel all guilty, how can I be so mean, how could I not share this magic.

   So just because I can be nice, I will share it just with thee.

Monday, 16 June 2014


     I have been having a bit of Me, Myself and I, company.

 Quite enjoyable in fact, we have had lovely fog here, Oh! yes who is a happy little gardener.

   Everything is all still and quiet, not a soul in sight. Present company accepted, that of Spoilt Black Dog Who Lives Here.

   Being a connoisseur of cobwebs and caterpillers, perhaps just a liker of, now I have looked up the true meaning, cos I couldn"t spell the word.

   Just wonderful to walk and watch, the day wake-up, the garden slowly emerges from the mist. Some odd beings say gloom, I say magic.

  Look how the sun shines through, the little drops of moisture, that hang on cobwebs. Can't tell me that is not magic.

   I'm convinced the world would be a better place, if we all took the time each day, in the company.

   Of "Me, Myself and I. No arguements, no need or greed.

         Just "Me, Myself and I.



Sunday, 8 June 2014

"Having a Chat."

    I am in the naughty corner,I am wicked bad and evil, have had far to much to say.

  Oh! Dismay, dismay, dismay.

   Then I heard a little whisper coming from near and  from afar.

  It was my garden calling, put the kettle on you dill and place a smile upon your face.

  Come outside and join us, we will have a wee small chat.

  I wandered out amongst it, and then to my surprise, I sort of turned all peaceful. Then quickly  realised, it doesn't matter what I say or even what I think.

    If it is said with good intent, I don't think it really stinks.

        Thank You Garden.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

"Rooster Raging."

     Things are just not good in the Chook House, poor Up and
Coming Young Stud, has to have a permit to live here or it is

vamoose. Well I ask you, have they not got better things to do in Local Govt. than make up more rules.

    Did they not consider the plight of my girls, who have found

quite a liking for this Young hunk, in their Hen House, what right

 have they got to tell my girls they will from now on, live a life of celibacy.
    I can't even describe the state of my poor, crestfallen, Young Up

 and Coming Stud Rooster.

    If worst comes to worse and my letters of complaint, fall on deaf

 ears, and you hear of a crazy, placard carry person, with a rooster on her shoulder. No, she is not trying to be a pirate, who has

 misplaced her parrot.
    She is seriously defending the rights of the Up and Coming

Young Stud, to live a happy, fruitful life, along with his little smiling harem.