Tuesday, 28 October 2014


  Well I have set myself a "Challenge", I seriously, really, truly do need to, challenge.

  No, not one of those, Drink this brew and you will lose 10 kilos, by tomorrow, if not yesterday, sort of challenge.

  No, not a challenge to walk 5,000 steps more than the recommended 10,000. good heavens I'm short enough. I don't want to wittle a  few more layers of skins off my feet.

  Never off my waistline, another sad, sorry tale, for another time of telling.

  No, it is to be, before work, everyday for as long as it takes.

  One barrow full of weeds, to be pulled, and two barrow loads of mulch to be spread.

   Problem is, "the long as it takes", bit.  Because here it seems to be never ending.
One day, maybe in the "Once Upon a Time of Later On", time I maybe will be able to write.

" Nothing to do in this garden today."



Saturday, 25 October 2014

"Sunday Strolling."

  Yes I have been at it again, out there garden cruising.
 Checking out other peoples stuff.

 No not the ones seen on the telly, this time.

  Local stuff, all done by local guys and girls.

  Don't you just love it, when you can walk into some elses garden .

 When it feels all comfortable, like putting on your slippers, that is

 my sort of garden

  Not to keen on the ones that are all perfect and nice.

 Like the garden itself, needs a gin and tonic and a lie down.

  Today they were all happy gardens, no gins required.

  Top marks, thumbs up, hats off,  to all you, who opened up their


 For all of us to see.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

"Would You Believe."

  I have to share with you, this little tale, that's true.

 While on my garden walking, at that lovely Open Garden.

  They were cooking gourmet pizzas, the aroma was just yum.


 Well it was a little fundraiser, I'm sure they needed my support.

 I purchased my little pizza and sat down to enjoy.

A fellow garden walker, smiled and sat down by my side.

 We talked of this and that, and seemed to get on well.

Out of the blue, she turned to me and said "Will you share your

little pizza, they have run out. Out the back."

 I thought she liked my company, but I was really, really wrong.

She helped herself to my pizza, then smiled and said,  "How lovely

  to have met you." and proceeded on her way.

I'm glad I was obliging, well what else was I  to do.

I smiled, a smile that hid a frown,  and was left there still half



Saturday, 18 October 2014

"Tis the Season to be-"

   Is the season to be out there Garden Walking,

 Out there when they are all on show, every petal primpted and preened. Every leave there looking lovely.

I love to go out walking, checking out other peoples stuff.

 Just last week I went for miles, to check out "Sophies Patch."

 I was not disappointed, it really was a treat. I looked with wonder at her herbs and at the vegie patch.

 I came home all excited, with thoughts of this and that. New things to start and plants to grow.

 But when will I get it started, next week there are more to go and see.

  The ideas will still be there, then by next year they may be all in place .

 Maybe then again next year, we could open up the gate. For all those garden walkers to come a roam at my place.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

" The Serious Has Happened."

 It is really, really serious I am in a to-do-to-do.

 My secateurs are missing, plus a cup or two. I know they are out there somewhere, because I know they go hand in hand.

  The rule here says no more cups of tea, until the pair are found.

 But where Oh! where are those secateurs, have they up and done a runner, gone somewhere else to live.

 Are they hanging out all together, just hiding out there somewhere, where I haven't had a look.

  My distress is really, real. I managed when all the kids left home, cos its what you  have to do.  I don't miss the extra washing or all that horrid cooking.

 But alas, I am not that brave, I have to have my daily brew and my little bit of snipping.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"Daily Chores."

    Everyday I wander and do my daily chores. I clean out all the bird baths, they come daily for a splash.

 I often hear them singing, and bursting into song.

  They  sing the words, to a really  well known song. If you listen really closely, you will hear the words they sing.  

   If you look up in the, "Dictionary of, " Once Upon and Way Back When."

 You will find it under "D",  just before you get  to the  bit about, little Sandra Dee.

    It was sung by Bobby Darren, that's for all you young ones out there. Who can't remember  when, there was more to music than hip hop and a little bit of shuffling.

  So they all sing "Splish, Splash I am taking a bath.", really loud and really long.

 As I I go about my business filling up their baths again, they never leave their towels upon the floor, so it is really  not a chore.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

"Saving an Ego."

  Oh! dear and golly gosh. The so called "Up and Coming Stud." Has turned out to be  a dud.

  Now do I let him down gently and tell a fib or two. To protect that ego,  that sticks right out there at you.

  Not a chicken to be hatched, not a single one. All that sitting there for nothing.

 That young girl, is looking pretty glum.

  I think I will let him down gently,  that ego thing you see. It is a of bit boy   stuff, all of us girls agree. 

  I will tell him, while he has been out there, crunching earwigs and singing cock-a-doo-dal-doo.

  They all packed up their empty shells and headed for the hills.


Friday, 3 October 2014

"Dignity and Grace."

   Out there weeding, weeding, bending Oh! so gracefully . .

    Up there right above me , but not so really far. A plane keeps buzzing by. Joy flighters checking out the scenery, that is really, really nice.

 But I'm sure if I bend over and point my butt  towards the sky.

 Will they shake their heads and wonder, has that pilot lost his way. We are quite sure that Mitre Rock, is out the other way.

So now the problem really does begin, do I hang my smalls upon the line, to flap and flutter in the breeze.

 Or will they think that the "Endeavour"  has just floated in from way out in the sea.