Friday, 28 November 2014

Perhaps I Should Have Been."

   Worked it out today, perhaps I should have been a tree.

 Yes they are usually tall, no can't say I am that.

 Sometimes they are thin, can't say I am that.

 Yes, and sometimes they are fat, I am not going to answer that.

  They shed their bark, and underneath it is all smooth and flat.

 Hummm, they say we shed our skin cells. So what is wrong here.

 I can definetly say, no smooth and flat, happens here.

 The tree has got the life, I can see.

   But then I see leg cocking Spoilt Black Dog.

 No, I am happy I think, just being me.


Monday, 24 November 2014

"The Injustice of it all."

   Well, I know we all maybe come to that stage in our life.

   But how cruel when you are feeling poorly.

  You are reminded of your age.

  When some small wee thing, asks in all innocence.

  "Could you move Old Lady."
  She is still on the Christmas list, only by the skin of her her little
white molars.

  Then on the same day someone asks if I require a pensioner

 discount. Well, that person is off the christmas list. Even when

they when they weren't even on it, in the first place.

 I can still swing a shovel, push a barrow, dig a garden bed with the

 best of them.

  So I am not Old, gardeners don't get old, maybe a little wilted, but

definetly not old.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


  Now, myself being a somewhat  docile, fairly casual sort of

creature. Well that is my story.

I am cross, as a peaceable, caring sort of person. Yes, still my story.

Why am I cross, you may ask.

Well of course, being the sharing,  caring person. I will tell why.

 Yep, still my story, we are over run with rodents.

 Yes, you may say, some people keep them as pets.

  But not this caring, kind person.

 Yes there are famous ones, ie.Rizzo of Muppet fame,

 Rattus P.Rattus, Splinter and probably many more.

 A word to all rodents out there, please find somewhere else to

hang out. I know it is all lovely and nice here.

 But please pick up your swags, pack your bags and head for the


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"Gimme Shelter."


  I thought I heard Mick Jagger, singing "Gimme Shelter", I

thought he must be out there, somewhere strutting and rocking with

 the boys.

    But no it is the garden, calling out to me, "Gimme Shelter, from

this heat, we are all parched and need a drink.

  We are not  used to all this hot stuff, all that mopping of ones

brow, all that sweating and all that swearing.

 Can you tell I am not a hot weather girl, she belongs in cooler

 climates.  But alas I live in this hot spot, so will continue mopping

ones really sweaty  brow.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

"Why Do We."

   Why do we buy certain plants. Is it because of their names, do

they remind  us of places and people and good times had.

  Do people buy the rose "First Love", do they watch it bloom and 

go all goo-gah and mushie with old memories.

 Do you buy a lilac, cos your Nanna had one in her garden.

Do you buy an apricot tree, cos you remember the taste of the

seasons first apricot and you have to have that every year.

 I have a rose called "Chloris",  she is a dainty little thing.

 When I was a wee small girl, I remember a lady named "Chloris"

she was a tiny little lady, who wore tiny black shoes, with tiny
black buttons, and tiny squat heels.

 Mrs. Chloris H.,  is long gone, but when that bush

 flowers, I remember, those little black shoes, with the little black

 buttons and the little squat heels.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

"Finding Wonderful".

  I have just seen on the telly, where you can  find all

your lost  "Wonderful."

 That is if you have had the misfortune of losing all  your


  I don't think I have ever  lost my "wonderful."

 They said you can find it, at all "Myers Stores."

  You know, with buying  stuff.

 Stuff like perfume, stilletto heels, all that sort of stuff.

  I am lucky, I just go out and wander in my garden.

  That is when I find all my "wonderful".

Wonderful day, wonderful bird song, wonderful sky, lots of

wonderfuls here.

   "Wonderful", just being alive.

  "Wonderful all intact here, just doing fine today.