Friday, 22 May 2015

"Garden Debut."

   Don't you just love it, when something debuts in your garden.

  When they pop their petals for the first time.

  When they stick themselves right out there, for everyone to see.

   When they really look the goods, they're are just the bees knees.

   They think they're are pretty darned alright, when they decide to

  strut their stuff. No coy and bashful petals here.

  It's all out there,for everyone to see...

   My Hakea has hit the big time.

  She has popped her buds,her debut is taking place.

   She can now proudly take a bow,she has done the long awaited'

  We all admired her with pride. Another happy little garden

 tale, from this poor old garden tragic.   

Thursday, 14 May 2015

"Mothers Day Gardening."

  No, I didn't wake to the smell of toast cooking.

  Not even the kettle boiling.

  Not a chocolate to munch on.

 Alas, Whoa was me.

 But No. don't feel sad for me.

 I got the best present a Gardener could ask for.

 The sound of rain on the roof,

 The lovely sound of splish and splash.

 So Mothers Day, was a good one.

I got the best present a gardener could ask for.

I don't wish to sound ungrateful, but is there anymore.