Friday, 25 October 2013

"Open Gardens"

    A good day out, if you like that sort of thing, not what "other Person Who lives Here, would really call a good day out.  Each to their own, I suppose.
    I have been and will continue to be a " Walker" and I have been a " Walked," whether that happens again, we will see.
    To be  "Walked", you have spent countless hours primping and preening for the day.
     You have checked the weather forecast, days ahead and hope and pray, for fair weather not foul.
    You've spent money on this and that, just because you could. Well that pot does look good there, those new roses just add to that spot and no-one is going to know if you have over extened the budget.
     Then the day arrives, people pour into your garden, some with handbags so big, you wonder if they are staying overnight, or they are fitted with false bottoms. You know what for, those little bits of plants called cuttings. Enconsed away, out of sight of the garden owner. "Just ask", I say, but that does spoil there fun of pilferering.
     Critics, will possibly be overheard, "To Dry, To big, to wet, not enough of this or that. Doesn't matter, you've done your bit. You've probably raised abit of money for some Charity or other, well done You.
   To be a "Walker", such fun, new ideas, photos taken to show "Other Person Who Lives Here", just what we could build or plant or pave or many whatevers.
   The Forecast doesn't matter, that is what hats, coats, umbrellas and all of that is for.
   All you need to know is where a good Cup of  Tea Place, for after is, you always work up a thirst and possibly an appetite as well.
   Looking forward to the next "Good Day Out".

Friday, 18 October 2013

"Memories of Shows gone by."

  What do I most recall,  maybe the Side Shows, the Cupie Dolls on their crook shaped sticks,fairy floss all of that and more.
   But it is the, before the day memories, the days of my Show Steward Nanna's, voice telling us, " It helps make a Show."
   So out would come the garden snippers, and all the bits and bobs  for flower entries. Saucers covered in wet cotton wool, pastel colored plates to be decorated, doilies to be be placed around posies.
   Tiny little flowers for the saucers, diosamas, for-get me nots, tiny leaves for around the border. All placed perfectly in patterns and circles, around and around we went. Posies starting from the center, a tiny rose bud, and out we worked round and round again, till we had created a perfect posy.
   Then the anticipation on Show Day, when the Pavilion doors were open to the public. Had we won anything, had we been good enough. Were there perhaps a card next to our entry, blue writing, meant a first red writing, a second.
   That is what I remember as good fun on Show Day, my White Cat Ornament, for all  round Aggregate, so long ago, still sits in my crystal cabinet, today. Thanks Nanna.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


   I thought, I would just write daft stuff that pops into my head, usually while I weed or iron or shower. You know the times, the times when your hands a both occupied, when you can't type or scribble without some form  of difficulty. Today I read an article by Hamish Blake all round funny man, but he was serious and writing for real.
  About the wicked destruction of the jungles of Borneo, a total piece of paradise, being destroyed for what reason. Greed, money, consumerism all of that and more. It makes me so sad to think, as a human race, with a so called superior brain. We can continue to do this to our already fragile planet, why can't we wake up before it is to late.
   I want my tribe of " Special Little Kids", to be able, in the future, to be able to do what Nanna did and visit Borneo, see its beauty as it should be seen. Not covered by Palm Oil Plantations, they are like a scar on the landscape.
   This banner waving,  Nanna, has something on her mind today.

Friday, 11 October 2013


  I have just maybe, perhaps wasted much of the afternoon, reading blogs of other writers. Some interesting some not quite so. Usually I would have my nose in a book, but today, all computer nerdy, who would have ever thought that day would ever come to pass.
   Have read about tree huggers, slow foodies, permaculture, light footprints on the earth, no spray use, bio-dynamics and on and on it goes.
   Did I waste my afternoon, have I read it all before, do I practice some of it.
 No not a waste of time. No have not read it all before. Yes I do practice quite a bit of it.
 Just reinforced that gardening is good for the Soul, when you are to lazy to get out their and do some.
 Time for another cuppa and  perhaps a little Tree Hugging on the side.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

"To Do or Not to Do, that is the Question."

    The "Do" is done, finished over, Now " Do"  we " Do" again. Have we over done it, " Do" we need a little change.
     We had acceptable weather, Yes I did say Ta and Thank You. We had lots of people, who wandered and walked and wondered why this gardener pulled down all those fences. Many said kind words, some said,  " dumb, daft and slightly bonkers." Why would you need all this garden. Well, where would you fit  the people, had they thought of that.
  Music was just perfect, wafting on the breeze, the smell of sizzling sausages, hot do-nuts, popcorn, all of  that and more.
   Three Little Irish Dancers, jigged across the grass, what more could this gardener want, to add more magic to her patch.
    I have thought we may as well "Do" the "Do" again.
 Have sent out to the Universe, " if you are possibly free Xavier Rudd, could you possibly see fit to just pop on  the day.
 Serenade my garden with your music, and I'll know my day is made.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

" The Ego."

  I know they say pride comes before a fall, well down I've slipped. I've been watching my "Giant Towers" Echium with much adoration, it has grown to the most amazing size, well worth a big brag about, come "Do Day" Well you know all about my love of wind,  the over breezy stuff we have had to suffer this last few days. Has tipped my much wanting to " Brag" about Echium clean out of the ground. So now it lies in all its glory,  prone sideways on the earth.
   What right did I have to brag, it self seeded there all by itself, I never gave it a drink,  the sky did that, the sun shone on it, without my assistance. With all that neglect from this so-called Gardener, what right did I have to Skite and Brag and be Proud.
   So the Ego is dented, will I hang my head in shame, for wanting to skite and brag, No probably not, will just hope it self seeds where it lies prone on it's side, so perhaps I get to gloat and smile next year. "Oh! Yes I planted that, enormous isn't it"

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

"whether it Will or Weather it Wont."

    Having serious wind problems at the moment, of the weather kind I mean. The wind and I aren't really good mates, I'm a stick your head further under the doona type of girl on a blowy day. It gets in my head and makes me quite ratty, up here on the our hill, if it's breezy down town it will be blowing a gale up here. OK, we do have a good view, the clothes dry quick, the jeans legs blow out straight like "Other Person Who Lives" here is still occupying them.
   My concern is the "Do", is nearly upon us, don't need wind to ruffle peoples curls or blow their hats away.
Well heavens we've got a brass band playing, which way do you face when blowing a tuba, into the wind or away.Mental picture, tuba player facing into the gale, who wins tuba player or wind.
   Everything is starting to look pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself. Despite a very successful crop of sour sob in flower this year. But I like to think of it this way. and I will leave you with this to ponder on.
    If Wordsworth had have lived in the Southern Hemisphere, would he have not maybe have waxed lyrically about "A host of Golden Sour Sob." I'm sure the old common daf. wouldn't have have got a look in.

It just happens to be the "Spoilt Black Dog" who resides here, Birthday Today. Happy Birthday "Whisper"