Sunday, 23 August 2015

"Downsizing, perhaps or perhaps not."

  Who planted this here garden, Who let it get this size.

  It spreads from here to there and further out than that.

 Perhaps I need a Unit, a bit of gravel and a pot.

 But then I might retire, somewhere down the track.

 Then what would I do to fill my time in.

Maybe,  I'd get domesticated and even want to cook.

 Perhaps I'll keep the garden, and keep really,really fit.

Friday, 14 August 2015

"Me and My Fitbit."

 Yes, when I slapped this little gadget upon my  wrist.

  It took one look at me, and thought itself on easy street.

 Perhaps a little wander and amble here and there.

 But it didn't know my secret, I had a Victa hiding there.

 Well, we go for miles and miles.

 We push it round and round.

 That FitBit has had a rethink, it is not sure at all.

 It has its digits zipping  around really really fast.

As she mows and mows and mows.

Yes, the mowing season has begun, there goes my life for now.

The digits on the FitBit are flying round and round.

The digits on the end of my feet are saying,

 "Quite enough for now,"

Monday, 10 August 2015

"Ode to Miss Violet."

  Your namesake is flowering beautifully.

  Sweet smelling and so nice.

  I like your flowers Oh! so much, they really are a sight.

 Now Miss Violet, you are just as sweet and twice as cute as them.

  So will I ever get into your good books,

  Will I always be known as evil, and not so really nice.

  I know your are only One year old,

 It's so hard being the bad Nanna, I must really look a fright.

  If I try really hard, maybe one day I  will get it right.

  Love you Miss Violet, xxx