Sunday, 19 July 2015

"Not at all Ladylike."

  Most people know me as sometimes sort of quiet,

 Some people would probably not agree.

  I'm usualy found as ladylike.

 OK, some perhaps will disagree.

Today I got the mower out, on the count of three.

 I pulled and pulled to no avail,it would not start for me.

 I held my breath and counted up to three,

 Then from my mouth these words popped out.

  "I will kick the guts right out of you, if you don't start for me."

  Then my boot just followed through, Oh my golly gosh.

  What has come all over me.

 The mower coughed and shuddered.

It spluttered into life, we mowed and mowed together.

Until the fuel ran out, the moral to this story is
That karma has come and got me, my grass might look magnificent.

But my foot is giving me much grief.