Friday, 30 January 2015

"Bonnet Buying."

  Wind. wind, wind nothing but wind.

 Gusty, breezy, blow your hat off sort of wind.

  All day everday, nothing but wind.

  My hat spends more time on the ground.

 Rarely on my head.

  Need advise, should I  buy a bonnet.

 You know those ones with strings attached

  A tie, down tight bonnet.

  Decision, do I buy an Easter Bonnet. Spring Bonnet

 Possibly not a Baby Bonnet, no not a Car Bonnet.

 Do you have any real good advise.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

"Wonders of Wet Stuff."

   A wee,  while ago we had a few drops of the wet stuff.

   That delightful, glorious, delicious stuff, rain.

  You might have guessed I like it, and we never seem to get

 enough of it. I always want more, greedy I know.

  But alas that is the nature of this here gardener.

  Like it or lump it, I'm greedy for more.

 Why you may ask, just pop out and see.

 Everything is growing and as green as can be.

  Please  send me more, when  there is somemore to spare.

I will be ever so grateful and use it with care.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

"Naked in the Garden."

    Yes, its is happening, Yes there are nudie runs to be seen.

  Those who know me, are saying not a pretty sight.

  Those who don't, are you thinking has the old girl lost it.

  My beautiful belladonnas, are all out there, bare legs and all.

  Love my Naked Ladies, as they strut their stuff.

  All getting ready to pop their party frock on.

 Getting ready to show us what they've got on top.



Tuesday, 6 January 2015



 Yes, I am a lover of shade, dappled if I can get it.

  All those light and shade patterns, dark patches, light bits.

  In this garden, I have to search for shade, let alone a dapple or

  two, or more, even when  I search long and hard.

  Can't wait for my trees to grow, all old and knotty and gnarled.

  Casting shade, letting in little bits of light, wonderous to watch.

  Ever changing, shapes and patterns, with every hint of breeze.

  So whoever is in charge of my year book, can you not let it run

out, until I see my trees grow.

 All old and  knotty and gnarled.